To Kindergarten

April 11 , We got out of the bed as early as 7:00 a.m. which we rarely do but that day we really have to. Rain took his entrance exam at Colegio De San Lorenzo. I was surprised with the feeling of being a mother of a kid who's first time to be in school where they have to line up on their own and go to the classroom to take the exam. Sitting there, not acquainted with the other kids, looking blant not knowing what to do. He's always sending me signals to watch him likewise he doesn't want me to be out of his sight... Maybe his feelings are the same with the other kids or maybe mine is also the same with the other parents waiting... watching outside the room. Hahaha!... Funny but the feeling's so natural and I liked it. After seeing him receivd his paper, pencil and some crayons, there were things playing on my mind. Will he do the same with the little girl who cried because of tension?... Will he decipher the questions and instructions given to him?.... Will he finish the exam?... will he answer the questions correctly?... or will he call on me and ask me to help him?... (Sigh!) So what I did was I let him notice that I'm not always watching him from the door. I walk, sit, glance and peep.. But as I peep at one side of the door I see him confidently answering verbally to the facilitators, doodling his pencil and crayons without the look of hesitations. So I go back again walk, sit, glance and peep. After the first, second and third kid, he finished the exam and got out of the room. Surprisingly as he walks towards me my kid's boasting saying " Ma, Kayang-kaya!!!" And I laughed hard.... So as days passed by and today is the results day.. we went to the school's registrar. They said he passed the exam and will admit him to enrol to kindergarten . Oh well, yes, it's overwhelming knowing your child has passed the exam. But to be really satisfied and justify my kids little achievement, I requested to see his exam paper.... Not bad!... 3 mistakes out of 30 questions...

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