Quality Time

There are times due to loads of work, speed of time, tight competition and problems re business and work, hardly we find time for some play and relaxation. But today I was again able to combine both worlds of work and play...

I have planned not to go to my shop at robinsons nova this day, for me to start another video editing for a new client. But I also have a need to go out the house to buy some stocks, to find a riso printing for our flyers and to look for some music cds for video music background. When fortunately Ronald has to go to Makati for some arrangements re his forthcoming exhibit. I planned to bring with me my son and my laptop pc and ask my husband to drop us at Megamall... I quickly bought d stuffs I need while waiting for Ronald and for the risographed flyers. I took my son to a playhouse and joined him inside, felt like a little girl again . Well, he happen to met some friends inside naman so I simply sat outside of the playhouse and took out my laptop and work up some of the video editing. From the outside , I glance at Rain from time to time and I know even for a short span of time playing with him inside I did gave him some quality time. And now he's left with some new friends, I realized that I also helped him a bit in socializing which will be a good preparation for him in mingling with his first and new classmates in school this year. (He'll be entering the school in Kinder level) It was his first time kasi to be left alone inside a playhouse like that without the company of his "Ate" (someone they call yaya...I don't!). It's like work+play= (for me) quality time... for both work and my son. Now, I'l be ending the day reading and blogging.... with a job rendered half finished and with a "sound sleeping", "happily", "tired" son.....zzzzZZZZzzzZZZZZZZ

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