The Flowers of Basic Photography

Last February, I took up a workshop on Basic Photography at PCCI. Conducted by Mr. Jun Miranda, the workshop was very supplemental though fees are bit costly and so are the gadgets and kits. I planned to study digital photography not only for my existing business but also for personal achievement. I have a prosumer camera since 2004 and it's just now that I have utilized some of its menus and navigation. Now, I prefer using it on manual mode than on the automatic... great!!! Sounds like a pro huh!!!...Thinking of buying a new digital SLR camera and yes I'm planning to take another workshop or two, like studio photography and glamour photography..(If the sched permits me so.....) Oh! and before I forgot, you know what Photography has done good for me after taking up the basics???? Heheh, it leads me to gardening.... coooooOOool.. why not? Now that I have arranged a small garden at one side of our house, I have a little venue for practicing my basic photography...right?!!! And Look at those euphorbias....huh!



Hi there, welcome to my blog. I'll be posting a bit but of everything here. Anything about my publicized life ( and maybe other's too! ). This is an open diary intending to contribute something with regards to anybody in different walks of life. So just scan through if there's anything to your liking... Happy blogging folks!

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