Mitch at the Beach

It was Rain's birthday last april 7. (holy week)And a perfect time to go out of the town to "shake off" those works whereabouts. Ronald and I planned to spend our son's bday on a beach syempre with rains cousins, titas and titos from fairview. Mabuti pa ang outing rather than a house party. Maraming hassle. Like you have to prepare all the foods, clean the house before and after the party. There are times pa you'll have a drunk guest na mangungulit and worst manggugulo!(heheh).. So para maiba naman...GO kami lahat sa Batangas.

This time I don't have to prepare all the foods kasi potluck. We brought some foods like adobo, liempo for ihaw-ihaw, pusit, snadwiches (yung iba dun na niluto), eating materials, snacks for the trip and some hard drinks of course for night swimming "sessions" ( we got Bailey's, Chivas, Johnny Walker, Jaggermeister and some beer in cans :-), Rain's toys and stuffs for making sand castle(as he rewquested), clothes swimsuits, sunblock and of course my camera and a tripod...

Assembly is at our house at 5 a.m. The head count???? There are 16 of us! the transpo??? Our car and my cousin's crosswind... WallaH! Kasyang-kasya!

We have found a private resort at Nasugbu where we can stay for 2 days and a night.
The property belongs to a German Businessman based from Malate named Peter Brauman.. Hi Peter! thanks for accommodating us, we really had a great time... And Mang Kiko his caretaker... sobrang maasikaso kulang na lang subuan ka pa sa pag-kain mo !!! (Exagg but true)

The private pool is surrounded by rooms having 2 beds each, a private restroom and a refrigerator... Nice diba? Upstairs is an open space for sing-a-long karaokes and videokes :-0

As you can see from the pix, at the left side of the pool there's a place for cooking right side is the way out to the private kubo (for drinking session!) and the beach. That day t'was low tide... Oh by the way this private resort is for sale daw.

Some of the beach companies..
my sisters ate mi and grace,
ate thina and alo my cousins
and nique one of my nephews.

Oh d' ladies...

Me and my "Birthday" Boy

the Birthday Boy.... happy out on the beach and in the swimming pool

Cousin Thina and her daughter,
my Inaanak, KC

Hey.. Cutie Dexter, Inaanak ko rin

the "littlest" kiddo of the beach company
...enjoying the waters

WuoHowW!!! Nice pose at the center pool ...

"Alo the MACHO MAN" !!!

"Nique the SQUID"
"Hey Tita Mitch look
at these HUGE SQUID
beach flip flops... "

Sweetness!!! Tickling Mariano couple...

D Boys and D bonfire.... trip trip ...

Heyyy.... sweeeeetieee...

While having shots of my fave drink (Baileys)

I got this very nice SHOT of the bonfire!


(Sorry guys this photo is optimized!)

Before going back to manila on our last day we decided to have our lunch at tagaytay picnic grove...

Unfortunately its so foggy
not so nice taking shots of the taal view
See! I told you we are 16!

The feelings are really wonderful. Having vacation with the family, going out somewhere far from any hassles of work... Imagine some days of worrying nothing.. some days of not having my eyes nailed to the computer screens... some days not clicking the pc mouse but instead the camera shutter just to capture the moments of a great getaway.... Imagine those days?

Well... I know it's time to get back to those overloading jobs caused by holidays...
At least we got to spend time with each other and it was very special..
And look at that smile form the happy Mitch ......at the beach....

Looks like I've really shaken off the hassles...
I like my smile ;-P

Oh and by the way, we are planning to go back to that resort
by the end of April or first week of May...



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