The Flowers of Basic Photography

Last February, I took up a workshop on Basic Photography at PCCI. Conducted by Mr. Jun Miranda, the workshop was very supplemental though fees are bit costly and so are the gadgets and kits. I planned to study digital photography not only for my existing business but also for personal achievement. I have a prosumer camera since 2004 and it's just now that I have utilized some of its menus and navigation. Now, I prefer using it on manual mode than on the automatic... great!!! Sounds like a pro huh!!!...Thinking of buying a new digital SLR camera and yes I'm planning to take another workshop or two, like studio photography and glamour photography..(If the sched permits me so.....) Oh! and before I forgot, you know what Photography has done good for me after taking up the basics???? Heheh, it leads me to gardening.... coooooOOool.. why not? Now that I have arranged a small garden at one side of our house, I have a little venue for practicing my basic photography...right?!!! And Look at those euphorbias....huh!

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