To Kindergarten

April 11 , We got out of the bed as early as 7:00 a.m. which we rarely do but that day we really have to. Rain took his entrance exam at Colegio De San Lorenzo. I was surprised with the feeling of being a mother of a kid who's first time to be in school where they have to line up on their own and go to the classroom to take the exam. Sitting there, not acquainted with the other kids, looking blant not knowing what to do. He's always sending me signals to watch him likewise he doesn't want me to be out of his sight... Maybe his feelings are the same with the other kids or maybe mine is also the same with the other parents waiting... watching outside the room. Hahaha!... Funny but the feeling's so natural and I liked it. After seeing him receivd his paper, pencil and some crayons, there were things playing on my mind. Will he do the same with the little girl who cried because of tension?... Will he decipher the questions and instructions given to him?.... Will he finish the exam?... will he answer the questions correctly?... or will he call on me and ask me to help him?... (Sigh!) So what I did was I let him notice that I'm not always watching him from the door. I walk, sit, glance and peep.. But as I peep at one side of the door I see him confidently answering verbally to the facilitators, doodling his pencil and crayons without the look of hesitations. So I go back again walk, sit, glance and peep. After the first, second and third kid, he finished the exam and got out of the room. Surprisingly as he walks towards me my kid's boasting saying " Ma, Kayang-kaya!!!" And I laughed hard.... So as days passed by and today is the results day.. we went to the school's registrar. They said he passed the exam and will admit him to enrol to kindergarten . Oh well, yes, it's overwhelming knowing your child has passed the exam. But to be really satisfied and justify my kids little achievement, I requested to see his exam paper.... Not bad!... 3 mistakes out of 30 questions...


Quality Time

There are times due to loads of work, speed of time, tight competition and problems re business and work, hardly we find time for some play and relaxation. But today I was again able to combine both worlds of work and play...

I have planned not to go to my shop at robinsons nova this day, for me to start another video editing for a new client. But I also have a need to go out the house to buy some stocks, to find a riso printing for our flyers and to look for some music cds for video music background. When fortunately Ronald has to go to Makati for some arrangements re his forthcoming exhibit. I planned to bring with me my son and my laptop pc and ask my husband to drop us at Megamall... I quickly bought d stuffs I need while waiting for Ronald and for the risographed flyers. I took my son to a playhouse and joined him inside, felt like a little girl again . Well, he happen to met some friends inside naman so I simply sat outside of the playhouse and took out my laptop and work up some of the video editing. From the outside , I glance at Rain from time to time and I know even for a short span of time playing with him inside I did gave him some quality time. And now he's left with some new friends, I realized that I also helped him a bit in socializing which will be a good preparation for him in mingling with his first and new classmates in school this year. (He'll be entering the school in Kinder level) It was his first time kasi to be left alone inside a playhouse like that without the company of his "Ate" (someone they call yaya...I don't!). It's like work+play= (for me) quality time... for both work and my son. Now, I'l be ending the day reading and blogging.... with a job rendered half finished and with a "sound sleeping", "happily", "tired" son.....zzzzZZZZzzzZZZZZZZ


Mitch at the Beach

It was Rain's birthday last april 7. (holy week)And a perfect time to go out of the town to "shake off" those works whereabouts. Ronald and I planned to spend our son's bday on a beach syempre with rains cousins, titas and titos from fairview. Mabuti pa ang outing rather than a house party. Maraming hassle. Like you have to prepare all the foods, clean the house before and after the party. There are times pa you'll have a drunk guest na mangungulit and worst manggugulo!(heheh).. So para maiba naman...GO kami lahat sa Batangas.

This time I don't have to prepare all the foods kasi potluck. We brought some foods like adobo, liempo for ihaw-ihaw, pusit, snadwiches (yung iba dun na niluto), eating materials, snacks for the trip and some hard drinks of course for night swimming "sessions" ( we got Bailey's, Chivas, Johnny Walker, Jaggermeister and some beer in cans :-), Rain's toys and stuffs for making sand castle(as he rewquested), clothes swimsuits, sunblock and of course my camera and a tripod...

Assembly is at our house at 5 a.m. The head count???? There are 16 of us! the transpo??? Our car and my cousin's crosswind... WallaH! Kasyang-kasya!

We have found a private resort at Nasugbu where we can stay for 2 days and a night.
The property belongs to a German Businessman based from Malate named Peter Brauman.. Hi Peter! thanks for accommodating us, we really had a great time... And Mang Kiko his caretaker... sobrang maasikaso kulang na lang subuan ka pa sa pag-kain mo !!! (Exagg but true)

The private pool is surrounded by rooms having 2 beds each, a private restroom and a refrigerator... Nice diba? Upstairs is an open space for sing-a-long karaokes and videokes :-0

As you can see from the pix, at the left side of the pool there's a place for cooking right side is the way out to the private kubo (for drinking session!) and the beach. That day t'was low tide... Oh by the way this private resort is for sale daw.

Some of the beach companies..
my sisters ate mi and grace,
ate thina and alo my cousins
and nique one of my nephews.

Oh d' ladies...

Me and my "Birthday" Boy

the Birthday Boy.... happy out on the beach and in the swimming pool

Cousin Thina and her daughter,
my Inaanak, KC

Hey.. Cutie Dexter, Inaanak ko rin

the "littlest" kiddo of the beach company
...enjoying the waters

WuoHowW!!! Nice pose at the center pool ...

"Alo the MACHO MAN" !!!

"Nique the SQUID"
"Hey Tita Mitch look
at these HUGE SQUID
beach flip flops... "

Sweetness!!! Tickling Mariano couple...

D Boys and D bonfire.... trip trip ...

Heyyy.... sweeeeetieee...

While having shots of my fave drink (Baileys)

I got this very nice SHOT of the bonfire!


(Sorry guys this photo is optimized!)

Before going back to manila on our last day we decided to have our lunch at tagaytay picnic grove...

Unfortunately its so foggy
not so nice taking shots of the taal view
See! I told you we are 16!

The feelings are really wonderful. Having vacation with the family, going out somewhere far from any hassles of work... Imagine some days of worrying nothing.. some days of not having my eyes nailed to the computer screens... some days not clicking the pc mouse but instead the camera shutter just to capture the moments of a great getaway.... Imagine those days?

Well... I know it's time to get back to those overloading jobs caused by holidays...
At least we got to spend time with each other and it was very special..
And look at that smile form the happy Mitch ......at the beach....

Looks like I've really shaken off the hassles...
I like my smile ;-P

Oh and by the way, we are planning to go back to that resort
by the end of April or first week of May...



Red and Green

This photo was supposed to be my entry for the Picture Perfect Photo Challenge for the last month's theme "Red and Green". It's a composition of red and green leaves of an Acalypha plant. A very colorful tropical shrub grown for its attractive reddish leaves. Beautiful foliage of mixed shades of red, yellow and green. The more sun, the more colorful the leaves will get. It's fast growing. This is one of the most striking foliage shrubs and is widely used by tropical gardeners.

Exposure Mode: Manual
Focal Length: 68.0 mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: F5.8
Speed: 0.5 sec


The Flowers of Basic Photography

Last February, I took up a workshop on Basic Photography at PCCI. Conducted by Mr. Jun Miranda, the workshop was very supplemental though fees are bit costly and so are the gadgets and kits. I planned to study digital photography not only for my existing business but also for personal achievement. I have a prosumer camera since 2004 and it's just now that I have utilized some of its menus and navigation. Now, I prefer using it on manual mode than on the automatic... great!!! Sounds like a pro huh!!!...Thinking of buying a new digital SLR camera and yes I'm planning to take another workshop or two, like studio photography and glamour photography..(If the sched permits me so.....) Oh! and before I forgot, you know what Photography has done good for me after taking up the basics???? Heheh, it leads me to gardening.... coooooOOool.. why not? Now that I have arranged a small garden at one side of our house, I have a little venue for practicing my basic photography...right?!!! And Look at those euphorbias....huh!



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